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Welcome to PT at eFitness!

Do you suffer from chronic pain? Are you recovering from an acute sports injury? Did you just undergo back or joint surgery? Whatever your situation is, Physical Therapy @ e-Fitness is here to help you feel better!

Since opening in 2009, Physical Therapy @ e-Fitness has prided ourselves on using an individualized, hands-on approach when rehabilitating our patients. We strive to go above and beyond to give you, the patient, a one-of-a-kind physical therapy experience.

Being located in the e-Fitness and Wellness Center, our options are endless when carrying out your treatment plan. We have access to a wide variety of exercise equipment such as cardiovascular machines, weight machines, kinesis pulleys, and also a warm-water therapy pool, whirlpool, and cold tub. Not to mention, we also offer the traditional modalities used in a rehabilitation setting such as electrical stimulation, therapeutic ultrasound, soft tissue mobilization, and trigger point dry needling.

Physical Therapy @ e-Fitness is proud to be the only Physical Therapy clinic in Biloxi offering Aquatic Physical Therapy. Aquatic Physical Therapy is a form of treatment performed in a warm-water, chest deep, therapeutic pool by a licensed and certified aquatic therapist to assist you in restoring function and alleviate pain.

We are also one of the few Physical Therapy clinics on the Mississippi Gulf Coast offering Trigger Point Dry Needling (TDN). TDN involves placing a small, solid filament needle into the trigger point of a muscle in order to cause the muscle to twitch and release. This is intended to improve pain, strength, range of motion, and overall function.

What’s even better is that we offer discounts on e-Fitness and Wellness memberships so that our patients can continue to live a healthy lifestyle after being discharged from Physical Therapy!

Call us to start your journey to a pain-free life today!